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Every task has its own specific challenges – and Hilgefort always rises to them. From complete solutions through to subtasks, we take on projects regarding every aspect of plant construction, transport and final on-site assembly. We look forward to working with you.

Hilgefort produced two material hoppers and components for a condensing tower in the Duisburg-Schwelgern steel works. The material hoppers, which would subsequently be used to fill the blast furnace with ore, coke and all other raw materials, weigh 120 tons each and were manufactured from sheet thicknesses of up to 120 mm.

Hilgefort GmbH produced a cyclone separator for a blast furnace and also created a plant in exceptional dimensions and in a very short time frame (July to October).

Hilgefort manufactured an extraction system for the hall roof of an electric steel plant, which weighed a total of approximately 2000 tons. The raw-gas pipeline measured 5.3 m in diameter and the exhaust gas stack on the blower house was 96 m tall in total.

Hilgefort manufactured two condensing towers with a granulation system for a blast furnace plant in Duisburg, Germany. The two system parts are a mirror-image of each other and each made from two components. The bottom system parts were primed for brickwork with cast basalt at the installation site.

Hilgefort produced an 11.5 m long steam dryer with an internal diameter of 3.75 m for a notable copper works in Hamburg. Given that the special-steel component weighed 125 tons, the steam dryer was produced in four segments to optimise transportation.

Transport of the largest components possible (H x W: 7 m x 7 m) for rapid on-site assembly Hilgefort GmbH received an order to manufacture and assemble three new granulation systems for blast furnace 7 at a steel works in Ijmuiden in the Netherlands.

Hilgefort GmbH produced two rotary dryers and two sectional coolers for an industrial plant in Russia.

Hilgefort produced a silo and a raw-gas pipeline with a total length of approximately 80 m for a client in the USA. The pipe segments were produced from 12 mm-thick sheet steel in accordance with European quality standards and are 6 m in diameter.

Production of steel components for the heat exchanger in Wössingen, Germany: In an 11-month construction period, 1900 tons of steel and around 800 tons of processing equipment were engineered and pre-assembled in Dinklage. The transport and final assembly were also designed and implemented by Hilgefort, a single-source supplier.

Hilgefort GmbH was commissioned with the production of a material hopper for a blast furnace in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany. The material hopper was required for the delivery of the new blast furnace 5A in September 2016.

The demanding three-dimensional curved contour of ship doors can be achieved by means of pressing or using previously manufactured former plates. Hilgefort GmbH manufactured multiple ship doors and hydraulic systems.

Hilgefort produced a reduction furnace shell using 20 mm-thick sheet metal with a total weight of 120 tons for a new steel works in the USA. The shell has a diameter of 10 m and a height of 5.30 m. The lining for the reduction furnace shell was prepared at the steel works.

Production of a water-cooled exhaust duct for a plant in the USA. Measuring 70 m long, the total system was produced pipe-by-pipe using redirection caps. The pipes were welded together longitudinally in pairs. Altogether, around 60 pipes with a combined length of approximately 11 km were installed.

In 2015, Hilgefort GmbH received an order from a renowned plant construction company in Essen for the production and delivery of pipelines, ducts, connectors and four silos for a cloth filter system for a sintering belt belonging to a German steel manufacturer in Duisburg.

This demanding system comprised a water-cooled flue gas pipe, downstream combustion chamber and the associated water supply, all of which were supplied by Hilgefort. Even the detailed engineering was developed by Hilgefort GmbH.

As part of a major order, Hilgefort GmbH produces various silos for an industrial firm in Essen, Germany. Two of these silos were fitted with additional equipment so that they could be provided with special insulation.

Hilgefort took on the production and detailed engineering, TÜV acceptance, transport and on-site assembly of a heat exchanger waste-heat recovery system in the sinter cooler for a steel works in Duisburg.

The complex design of the special steel plant was first created in segments and then rolled into shape. The reactor was lined with brickwork for thermal insulation and additional partial insulation was fitted to the exterior with pins.

Production of a special steel drum dryer. The drum dryer has an internal diameter of 3 m and a total length of over 24 m. The total weight is approximately 65 tons.

Super thick: Hilgefort produced a converter vessel for a steel works in Duisburg. With a diameter of over 9 m, the converter vessel weighs approximately 300 tons and is one of the largest in the world.

Just one of Hilgefort’s many talents: Manufacturing and assembling a life-sized replica of the Ariane 4 for a German space-themed amusement park. As a highlight and widely visible attraction at an amusement park, a model of the Ariane 4 rocket was designed and constructed in 1:1 scale.

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