17. February 2017
  • Task:
    Production, transport and final assembly for flue gas cooler with downstream combustion chamber, water supply with fittings

This demanding system comprised a water-cooled flue gas pipe, downstream combustion chamber and the associated water supply, all of which were supplied by Hilgefort. Even the detailed engineering was developed by Hilgefort GmbH.

The flue gas pipe consists of a gate and individual pipe segments. The gate is mounted directly on the top above the cap of the smelting furnace and can be opened by means of a hydraulic system. In conjunction with this, the cap is rotated to one side and the furnace can be refilled. After successfully loading the furnace, the cap and the gate are both closed again and the smelting process recommences. The flue gases generated during the smelting process (at approximately 1500 °C) are extracted via the flue gas pipe and simultaneously cooled. A combustion chamber is mounted directly downstream of the gate, into which the solid and hot components in the flue gas fall and can cool down. The combustion chamber is fitted with doors so that the cooled material can be disposed of. The pure flue gases are then cooled down in the rest of the pipework.
In addition to the flue gas pipes, the entire water supply and associated fittings were also produced and supplied.
The entire system weighs approximately 795 tons.

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