17. February 2017
  • Task:
    Production and overseas transport of a water-cooled exhaust duct measuring 70 m
  • Details:
    Production from 11 km total pipe length, 80-ton total weight of the system, gas-tight and X-ray-proof welded seams, packaging of components and transport to the USA

Production of a water-cooled exhaust duct for a plant in the USA. Measuring 70 m long, the total system was produced pipe-by-pipe using redirection caps. The pipes were welded together longitudinally in pairs. Altogether, around 60 pipes with a combined length of approximately 11 km were installed.

The system weighs a total of 152 tons. The weld seams, which are almost 6 km long, are gas-tight and X-ray proof. The pressure test was performed in the production hall at Hilgefort GmbH. The exterior of the entire system is painted.
Hilgefort was also fully responsible for providing safe packaging and transport to the USA. Once successfully assembled at the factory, the feedback was resoundingly positive: The production steps have been completed with a high degree of precision as promised.

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