16. February 2017
  • Task:
    Production and transport of a cyclone separator for blast furnace plant
  • Details:
    Top and bottom section of a cyclone separator made from heat-resistant steel; production in two components; top section measuring 7.50 m tall, 17 m long and weighing 104 tons and the bottom section measuring 7 m tall, 19 m long and weighing roughly 87 tons; road transport to the nearby inland port of Meppen in two parts, then transport by ship; final assembly in the port and transport to Duisburg

Hilgefort GmbH produced a cyclone separator for a blast furnace and also created a plant in exceptional dimensions and in a very short time frame (July to October).

The other demands of this project were also high: Once work began in July 2016, there were only four months available for production planning and control. Both components are manufactured from 15-50 mm-thick boilerplate. Each welded seam is tested in accordance with ISO 5817b and the stress-relief heat treatment was performed by Hilgefort in their own annealing furnace. A flange connection had to be face-milled onto the component at a working height of 7.50 m. The entire bottom section of the cyclone separator is lined with special steel and there are retaining points on the top section for ceramic tiles. The tiles can only be fitted once the top section is in the steel works for weight reasons.
The cyclone separator was transported to the pre-assembly site in two parts. Once there, both plant components were joined together before being loaded onto barges and shipped to Duisburg.

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