17. February 2017
  • Task:
    Detailed engineering and production of a heat exchanger system comprising nine identical components. Transport and final assembly in the steel works
  • Details:
    Production of nine component parts, each weighing 18 tons, measuring 9 m in length and 3 m in width. X-ray-proof testing of the system, which is produced mainly using pipework, as well as pressure testing and Technical Inspectorate (TÜV) acceptance at the Hilgefort production site; transport and assembly in Duisburg

Hilgefort took on the production and detailed engineering, TÜV acceptance, transport and on-site assembly of a heat exchanger waste-heat recovery system in the sinter cooler for a steel works in Duisburg.

Weighing 160 tons, the total system was produced and delivered in nine component parts each weighing approximately 18 tons. Each component is 9 m long, 3 m wide and 1.4 m deep. The component parts are largely produced from pipes, in which oil is warmed up.The elements manufactured from P steel are welded so as to be X-ray-proof and the system satisfies the requirements of pressure vessel standard AD 2000. The 24-bar pressure test was also performed in the production halls at Hilgefort GmbH.
The exterior of the entire system was painted according to customer specifications.

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