16. February 2017
  • Task:
    Production of a filter system and raw-gas pipeline for an electric steel plant; transport and assembly
  • Details:
    Total weight of the system exceeds 2000 tons, raw-gas pipeline with a diameter of 5.3 m, filter system comprises over 13,000 filter elements, total height of the exhaust gas stack: 96 m

Hilgefort manufactured an extraction system for the hall roof of an electric steel plant, which weighed a total of approximately 2000 tons. The raw-gas pipeline measured 5.3 m in diameter and the exhaust gas stack on the blower house was 96 m tall in total.

The primary dust extraction process is water-cooled from the arc furnace to the scrap metal recycling. More than 13,000 filter elements were fitted in the filters. Assembling the 96 m tall exhaust gas stack was a particular challenge, which required the use of an assembly platform with a working height of 102 m.

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